Bulls 11 Khel Khiladiyon Ka


1. What is a team?
Team is a mix of batsmen, bowlers and wicketkeeper stocks. A player needs to field a team of 11 players to participate in the game.

2. What are the games option available to users?

- - BULLS11 gives a set of 33 stocks/players for you to choose your 11 players.

- The component of this index undergo change everyday

- The index comprises of stocks from small, large and mid-cap universe

- The index also comprises of stocks from various sectors

- BULL’S11 works out the index based upon certain preset algorithms to make it most relevant and trending index.

- Going ahead, BULLS11 plan to introduce various other indexes.

3. Who are special players?
Through special players BULLS11user can create huge differentiation between his/her and other players performance. Below mentioned are2 types of special players and how their performance is differentiated from normal players:

- Captain is a special player whose result carry a weight of 2X

- Star is a special player whose result carry a weight of 3X

4. What happens when I select a stock from sell side instead of buy side
One can select a stock in his team from sell side, if he feels that that stock might go down that day. The returns of such stock is multiplied with (-1) for final calculation of the result of team placed by you.
5. How do I win?
As a player your teams results are compared with results of all other players in that contest. The top performing teams are rewarded as per the percentage of winners ( pre determined for each contest and declared beforehand).
6. How are results calculated?
Results are calculated by:

- Calculating dailyreturns of individual stock

- By clubbing the returns of all the players, we arrive at the combined result of your chosen team

7. How are rewards distributed?

Each contest has a pre determined percentage of winning players. Winning percentage as well as the amounts available in winning pool are disclosed to users at the contest screen itself. However, the winning pool may undergo change based upon the final number of participants in each contest. The final winning pool and its distribution is made available on contest history page as soon as its closed for participation.

All players team results are ranked in order from highest to lowest. And winning members are declared based upon the winning percentage of that contest.

8. How to participate in contest?

- You need to select your contest

- You need to make a team and nominate special players

- You need to choose game – multiple options with different participation fee and reward structure are available

- You also have an option to play games which involve BULL POINTS as fee and which reward also in form of bull points

- Make payment of participation fee by using our payment gateway or your wallet balance with us.

- You can check your past teams in HISTORY tab

- You can check your results in RESULT tab

9. I want to participate but do not want to pay?

BULLS11 allows one to participate in free to participate contests. These game option have both participation fee and rewards in form of BULL POINTS.

10. What are bull coins?

BULL COIN is the currency of BULLS11 app. Bull coins are convertible to/fro cash easily at a pre determined rate. The rate as of now is 1 Indian Rupee = 1 Bull Coin:

- When you deposit amount with us we convert it into Bull coins and store it in your wallet

- When you participate in contest, you pay in bull coins

- Your winnings too are in form of bull coins and credited in your wallet as bull coins

- You can place a request of withdrawal of your bull coin balance

- The requested bull coins are converted into cash and transferred to your bank account

11. What is a bull point?

Bull points are awarded to user at following instances:

- When a user signs up ( as of now game awards 100 Bull points per user)

- When a user participates in the game which require user to spend bull points to participate, the rewards of such games are also in form of bull points

- For every team placed in a paid game, in addition to bull coins, the users are awarded bull points equivalent to their team’s total results ( negative results are not considered, so if your team scored 30, you get 30 bull points but if it scores -5, then you get zero bull points for that game)

- When user plays a free quiz. For every successful free quiz played, user gets 25 bull points as of now.

- The quantity of awarded bull points at the time of sign up and in free quiz may undergo change from time to time.

12. How do I use my bull points?

Bull points can be used to play free quiz and free contests and accumulate more bull points.

13. How do I take out my winnings?

Your pay ins and winnings are recorded in form of bull coins. When you need to encash your bull coins, you need to:

- Place Request for withdrawal

- Provide your complete bank details ( with cancelled cheque), your address details & your KYC details.

- After we have verified these details to our satisfaction, the cash equivalent to redeemed bull coins will be electronically transferred into your designated bank account.

14. What charges I bear for conversion of bull coins into cash?


15. I want to change my team, possible?

Once you have placed a team into contest, any modification in team is not possible.

17. I do not want to choose a WK, possible?

No. Any cricket team must have a Wicket-Keeper, so must you.

18. I am not aware about the companies available for making selection, how do I proceed?

BULLS11 provides important technical, financial and fundamental information related to the stocks which it makes available in the pool. Using these information will help a user select his team.

19. I see a BULL ICON in a circle in front of few stocks name, what does that mean?

These stocks are recommended by BULLS11 for placement into your team. We recommend these stocks based upon certain algorithms at our back end and these recommendations are not meant to be used for buying/selling stocks in real world at all. These stocks are mere recommendation generated by algorithm and does not guarantee an upward movement.

20. What if the number of teams placed is lower than expected

In such a scenario, the results will be reworked. The overall money available for distribution will go down in such a case and accordingly the winnings too will be adjusted.

FAQs- Quizzes

1. What are quizzes on BULLS11?

BULLS11 has created quizzes on several financial topics- economy, stock markets, corporates, cryptos, current corporate affairs etc. These quizzes allow users to benefit from their knowledge of market as well as gain new information.

2. How PAID quizzes work?

-Paid quizzes are timed quizzes. The quiz have 5 questions which go up in difficulty level. Each question when answered rightly rewards user with a pre-decided winning amount.

- The user is given one lifeline too. So if he/she answers one question incorrectly, then he/she gets a replacement question.

3. How free quizzes work?

-BULLS11 offers free quizzes to its user

-They are made up of 3 questions and user must correctly answer all 3 questions to win

-Winning a free quiz awards 25 bull points to user (it may change from time to time)

-User can play one free quiz (per category) in a day. For an example- on economy he/she is allowed to play

one free quiz, he/she can play another free quiz same day from say stock market category but not from economy category.

4. What if one quits the paid/free quiz abruptly?

-The quizzes are timed quiz and the timer can’t be stopped

-In case of a paid quiz, he/she will be awarded the winnings till the time his/her quiz is abruptly stopped. In case of free quiz, user is rewarded only when he/she has completed the quiz.

NOTICE: If your query is not captured in the questions above, please write to us at info@bulls11.in and we will be happy to answer…